BTC Mining Factory Placed 9,000 Dragon Mining Rigs (B2G/ETH) Order To Major Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Dragon Mining Tech.

Iceland, Date, April 13, 18: BTC Mining Factory, a world-class cloud mining company, today placed 9,000 Dragon Mini order to Dragon Mining Tech. Dragon Mini B2G/ETH, world's one of the most efficient and compact GPU-miner, will be used to mine B2G (Bitcoiin2Gen), ETH and Bitcoin Gold and further increase the capacity of the mining farm.


"This strategic development between Dragon Mining Tech and BTC Mining Factory will provide a highly optimized, lower cost alternative to Cryptocurrency individual miners,” said Jet Lee, Director of Sales, Dragon Mining Tech.


BTC Mining Factory is a leader in the cloud mining industry marketplace with enhanced mining capacity to deliver unmatched services, returns, and value. The company offers worldwide mining opportunity through its wide range of mining programs to substantial and diversified clients based on their financial position. 



 About Dragon Mining Technology:


Dragon Mining Tech is a world-class cryptocurrency-mining hardware manufacturing company with expertise in engineering and manufacture of mining ecosystems to mine Bitcoiin2Gen. Established in 2015 and incorporated in 2018, the firm is headquartered in Shenzhen / China.


Dragon Mining is a market leader, provides complete Crypto-mining solutions for emerging cryptocurrencies. We engineer and manufacture crypto-mining hardware. Therefore we focus on developing and building GPU-based mining rigs for Ethereum and Alt Coins.


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About BTC Mining Factory


BTC MINING FACTORY is a Cloud Mining Company. BTC MINING FACTORY offers a unique opportunity in the cryptocurrency world by providing Shared Managed Mining Farms. The uniqueness of BTC MINING FACTORY is that we lowered the cost of the individual miners and reduced the additional time-consuming efforts such as purchasing hardware, maintenance of equipment, utility bills and storage. Individual miners can participate and earn a great passive income in crypto mining by only joining our crypto-mining programs at BTC MINING FACTORY.

We at BTC MINING FACTORY aims to be the world's leader in cloud mining by utilising the most dynamic Mining Pools and focusing on the best paying cryptocurrencies.

BTC MINING FACTORY believe that Cryptocurrencies are the future of financial system, which will transform the global payment system by providing faster, and safer transaction. Therefore we have set up Crypto Mining Facilities, which is the essential infrastructure for cryptocurrencies to function seamlessly.

BTC MINING FACTORY is a group of experienced professionals in software development, industrial designing, server engineering, and data analysis with a passion for excellence that believes in the power of the team, integrity, and leadership.